Your iPhone X has an OLED display but it can use a less expensive LCD display just as the iPhone 8 and 8+ used before the X was introduced.


Although we don't recommend using an LCD in your iPhone X model, you certainly can and we now offer it as a money saving option. Some customers don't mind the older types of displays and an OLED screen is not worth the extra $50 for some of them. And if you're are one of those individuals who believe "it's only a phone and I just want it repaired for as little cost as possible", then you've come to the right place. What are the drawbacks of using an LCD instead of an OLED? For one, an OLED display is flexible. But since you're not folding it in half, like the new phones from other manufacturers that are being advertised and sold, this won't concern you since it's glued to a breakable piece of glass (thanks Apple). 2nd; the LCD display isn't as bright nor as vivid as the OLED. 3rd; it may drain your battery slightly faster than with an OLED display. 4th; the colors may appear to be slightly 'washed' out or lighter in color. Some of that can be adjusted in settings but it will NOT be the same as an OLED screen. 5th; the LCD could run slightly warmer than the OLED display. And that's roughly the difference. So if you have any hesitation and wondering if it will be as good as your original Apple OLED display? NO, IT WILL NOT BE THE SAME !!!! Do NOT have an LCD installed if you think it may be bothersome to you. Do you remember when you first witnessed the iPhone X display and thought it was so much better than your previous 8 model? In this case you will be going backwards to the same type of display as the iPhone 8 and 7 has. Keep in mind that we will not reverse a repair once it's completed. 

Also having an OLED replaced by removing the original screen, there could still be some minor differences because this is an aftermarket display. ONLY APPLE CAN GIVE YOU A GENUINE APPLE SCREEN! If you want an exact duplicate of what you have now, PLEASE BRING IT TO APPLE. We can't stress this enough because we don't want unsatisfied customers and bad reviews. But if you're simply looking to save time and money, then please make an appointment for your repair. 99% of all our customers are satisfied with their iPhone X repair and see no huge difference in the OLED displays that we install compared to the original Apple displays. But there is a noticable difference between an LCD and an OLED screen. But we will still offer it as a cost saving option.  

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We also offer Corporate Mobile On-Site iPhone repairs for 10 or more devices at one time. We will dispatch our repair van and technician to your location at a discounted repair rate. Email us for details. 






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